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Spot Hero Instructions
The following parking lots will be live on Spot Hero and available to purchase a space during the corresponding times:
1129-1135 N Old World 3rd St
Monday-Friday - Enter after 3pm, Exit before 7am
Saturday & Sunday - Available 24 hours
1233 N Water St
Monday-Sunday - Available 24 hours
2139 N Prospect Ave
Monday-Sunday - Available 24 hours
143 N Milwaukee
Monday-Sunday - Enter after 5pm, Exit before 7am
151 N Broadway
Monday-Friday - Enter after 5:30pm, Exit before 7:30am
Saturday & Sunday - Available 24 hours
715 S 2nd St Monday-Sunday - Available 24 hours
*Availability is subject to change without notice*
*Price is dependent upon activity in the area and does not stay the same*
Note: Please have credit card & license plate number ready!
  1. Go to www.spothero.com
  2. Type in the address of the parking lot that you wish to park on - Please keep in mind that the parking lot will not show up unless you manipulate the time to match the times listed above.
    For example, if you are trying to pay to park on 143 N Milwaukee and it is currently 3:30pm, the lot will not automatically show up - You need to change the time in the box to 5:00pm. You can pay for the parking at 3:30pm but your reservation will NOT be validated until 5:00pm.
  3. Select the dates you wish to park. If you are securing the parking in real time, the date should already be selected for you. If you are securing the parking for a future date, you will have to select it in the box. If you are selecting a lot that is available 24 hours (1233 N Water St, 2139 N Prospect) you may select a date range and pay for more than one day at a time. However, if you are selecting a lot that has specific time availability, you will need to repeat this process for each consecutive day you wish to park.
  4. On the left hand side of the screen you will see the total dollar amount and "Book It" Click that and it will take you to the payment screen.
  5. Follow the instructions for payment - you will receive a confirmation to the email you provided.
  6. Congratulations! You have just avoided being ticketed & towed!
Please note: If you are having troubles, please call us. We are more than happy to help. We can be reached at 414-276-8588 during normal business hours, and 414-688-0294 after normal business hours.
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